The essential skill of thriving in a world that’s changing fast…

Is… Changing Your Mind

What does it feel like when you change your mind?  When you realize a belief you’re holding doesn’t hold up in a world that is expanding everyday?

What does it sound like to listen to the flow of your own rhythm getting in harmony with change?

Inspiration for this moment of change post comes from Seth Godin.  Read what his sound thoughts about changing your mind here.

On the Way to Infinity


Could it be that a growth of consciousness is happening and many youth don’t need these attachments and dogma to help them point the way to their own heart?  

The constructs of religion can help us control our lower natures and… on the spiritual path if dogma keeps us separate from our true Self these beliefs must be transcended to continue our expansion.  We are infinite beings in the blender of human experience.  Religion isn’t what makes what’s in the blender like nectar.  It’s our alignment with our heart and our commitment to our Truth that makes it sweet.

~ Thanks to Pardeep for the inspiration in this post